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Manage your workers, reduce accidents, and save money

SiteForm simplifies managing everything about your workers' data with a streamlined digital process.

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A better way to manage worker data

From certifications & trainings, to report submissions, SiteForm digitizes everything about your workers so you don't have to do the work while also saving money.

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Worker management

Track every worker digitally.

Store worker documents in the cloud.
Make your workers' crucial documents available wherever and whenever you need them. For you, and your project's GC.

Be notified of document expirations.
Never forget to update an expired certification ever again. We let you know when documents expire, before they become a problem.

Dynamic jobsite reporting.
Your reports will ask workers to respond to real situations on your jobsite, to prevent accidents before they happen.

Streamlined digital reporting

Simple and effective reports that get to the point.

Cut your workers' time spent on creating reports by over 90%.
No more wasting time writing on paper. Start and finish reports at record speed, while also improving quality and safety.

Create tasks for your workers to do on the jobsite.
Forgot writing the same thing twice. Create a task with steps once, and workers can use it on their reports forever, on all their projects.

Keep workers safe from your office.
Create and ask crucial safety questions to your workers through your reports. Customized by you, because you know your trade better than anyone else.

Save money, and time - at the same time

Going digital isn't just efficient, but it also saves you time and money.

Reduce your admin time.
Forget shuffling papers and repeating work, enter data once, and forget about it. Only focus on what's important.

Reduce insurance premiums.
By implementing safety processes into your work, you can save money by showing that you are being proactive.

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Getting started is easy

Start digitizing your construction safety and management with SiteForm.