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Understand your projects with a digital workflow

SiteForm empowers you with realtime data and trends with our digital safety and management workflows.

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A better way to collect project data

SiteForm digitizes your project's safety and management process, providing realtime insights to save time, money, and lives, while also eliminating management load for everyone involved.

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Digital Reporting Workflows

Forget paper. Track all your project's reports digitally.

Centralized digital reports.
We make it easy for subcontractors to submit reports to our platform, so viewing reports and managing subs is always only a tap away.

Every type of reporting possible.
Digitize every form of paper reporting you have, no matter the complexity, so you can make data-driven decisions.

Dynamic jobsite reporting.
Your reports will ask subcontractors to respond to real situations on your jobsite, to prevent accidents before they happen.

Realtime Project Trends

Watch as your project changes in realtime, so you can take action when you need to.

Daily worker counts.
Know exactly how many workers and subcontractors are on your site at any given time. Never be suprised about your project again.

Track manpower against productivity.
Understand when things aren't getting done even when they should be. Unblock your subcontractors so that their success is your success.

Know who's onsite

Know who's showing up and who isn't before it's a problem.

Get into the details.
You'll know exactly who's onsite and what they have been doing today. Identify individuals and problems before they become risks.

Be notified when you need to be.
Recieve notifications when someone hasn't submitted reports or done what they need to do. Save everyone's time and money.

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