SiteForm as a COVID-19 solution

Fight and prevent COVID-19 with a streamlined safety process

SiteForm provides you with the tools to prevent COVID-19 from impacting your project and your team.

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Join the 200+ companies using SiteForm to fight COVID-19

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Stop the spread of COVID-19 before it happens

SiteForm gives your team the tools and data to prevent COVID-19 from entering your project, and making sure you have the power to be safe if it does.

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Ensure everyone's safety

By tracking every worker's health, you can be sure you're maximizing safety.

Track workers' health in realtime.
Be confident in the safety of your jobsite with daily certifications from all your workers.

Know when there's an issue.
Receive instant notifications whenever someone tests positive on your project, so you can take action to keep everyone safe.

Powerful contact tracing.
If anyone tests positive, know who else is at risk by checking historical records of everyone who was not distancing with them.

Minimize spread digitally

Digital processes drastically reduce infection risk compared to paper processes.

Certify safe workers while also distancing.
Since reports are filled out digitally, there is a reduced risk of your team interacting with anyone who is unsafe.

Forget paper, reduce infections.
Don't risk passing around papers that could be a safety hazard. Instead, make sure everyone is safe at a distance using their own devices.

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Getting started is easy

Start digitizing your construction safety and management with SiteForm.